Creating US iTunes accounts on different platforms

One benefit we get by doing what we do at Wildtwig is a depth of knowledge about the iTunes and Apple ecosystem that not many have. Kelvin has been intimately involved with the US App Store from the very beginning of Wildtwig and through various support queries and changes by Apple, we've come to really know how the iTunes store works for the consumer.

It's quite strange how little of the knowledge that we've picked up is common. We recently upgraded our support section so that it was accurate for the current versions of iTunes and iOS and matched our new site design. As part of this process, we wrote articles on how to create a US  iTunes Account on Mac/PC as well as on an iPad or iPhone. Until I undertook the task of writing the article for the iPad I was under the impression that one would need iTunes installed on a desktop computer to create a US iTunes account. One of my friends recently bought an iPad and struggled to figure out how to create an account without resorting to installing iTunes. In the end he did just that.

This process has made it abundantly clear that if I didn't know how to create a US iTunes account on an iPad from South Africa, the average consumer is going to struggle. It's the iPad's curse abroad it seems. As a device the iPad is very simple and easy to use, but the initial setup of an iTunes account can be a frustrating endeavour.

My search for the process started on Google, as most would. Strangely I only turned up responses stating that users need to install iTunes to create an account.

I can conclusively say this is not true. You can create a US iTunes account using only an iPad and our guide shows you how in a clear step by step manner.

I'm glad that we can support the South African Apple community with our depth of knowledge, though this is only the tip of the iceberg. In the coming months we'll be sharing all sorts of mostly unknown tips, tricks and suggestions about the Apple ecosystem.

Our customers are our number one priority and we're going to go to great lengths to make sure that they enjoy their experience, both with Wildtwig and with Apple, as much as possible.

Robert Fall
Robert Fall