We'd like to say thank you.

First and foremost: We're running a pretty crazy sale, so if you're short on US iTunes credit stop reading and go and fill up while the sale is on! http://www.wildtwig.com/products/itunes-gift-card

Now that you've sated yourself I'd like to say thank you. Thank you for your loyalty and your patronage. Wildtwig has some of the greatest customers I've come across and we love you all.

Over the last two months our infrastructure has undergone some major changes. We were hit by some isolated fraud instances and so we once again had to improve our fraud detection. Unfortunately during this period several customers have experienced issues when buying their vouchers. Some got caught in our fraud filters and some experienced long waiting times. We really hate adding hurdles to our buying process, but we have had to make sure that criminals can't take us out of business. We don't like One Time Pins, but it's one of the least painful ways to verify that we're dealing with legitimate customers. We're working on some other ideas that might see the OTPs fall away. Believe me, we can't wait for the day we can remove them.

Today, however, we're saying thank you for sticking with us through this period. Things are not perfect yet and there are always teething problems with projects of this nature, but our new fraud system has been deployed and our supply lines have been strengthened so we thought we'd give both a test by dropping our prices to crazy lows. These are the lowest prices I have seen for US vouchers and they are our gift to you.

I hope you score big today and fill your accounts with cheap credit. We know so many of you use these credits for gaming so we thought we'd make sure the sale happens before the weekend so you're stocked up.

If at ANY time during the sale, or indeed ever, you experience issues with the site please contact us, either through the live chat if someone is on duty or through our support email. We are passionate about making you happy and giving you the best possible experience when it comes time to refill your iTunes account.

So once again, thank you for choosing Wildtwig. Now go and enjoy cheap vouchers if you haven't already.
Robert Fall
Robert Fall