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How to create a US iTunes Account using your computer

This guide is for the latest version of iTunes on a PC or Mac as of March 2013. Please update iTunes before starting to make sure everything looks the same.

  1. Open iTunes on your computer and click on iTunes Store at the top right.

    iTunes Store button

  2. Scroll down to the very bottom right and click on the flag.

    South African flag

  3. Click on the United States flag.

    US flag

    You have now been switched over to the US iTunes Store.

  4. Click on App Store.

    App Store link

  5. Click on a Free app.

    Free app

  6. Click on the Free button.

    Free button

  7. A Sign In form will pop up. Click the Create Apple ID button.

    Create Apple ID

  8. Click the Continue button.

    Apple ID intro page

  9. Accept the terms and conditions and click the Agree button.

    Terms and Conditions

  10. Fill out the form and make sure to enter your correct email address.

    Apple ID details

    • Select None as the payment type.

    • Fill in a billing address with your real name and a real, valid US physical address.

    • Click the Create Apple ID button.

    The easiest way to get a valid US address is to search for a popular store or fast food outlet in the US and use their address.

    Some US states charge taxes on digital purchases, so make sure to choose an address in one of these states to be safe: Florida, California, Nevada, or Delaware.

    Payment details

  11. Go and check your email for the verification email that is sent.

    Email verification sent

  12. Click the Verify Now link in the email that is sent to you.

    Verification email

  13. Enter your email address and password for your new account you just created and click the Verify Address button.

    Verify address

  14. Click the Return to the Store button.

    Return to the store

  15. Congratulations! You're done. You can now buy an iTunes gift card, load it to your account, and start shopping.