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We'd like to say thank you.

October 11, 2013

First and foremost: We're running a pretty crazy sale, so if you're short on US iTunes credit stop reading and go and fill up while the sale is on! that you've sated yourself I'd like to say thank you. Thank you for your loyalty and your patronage. Wildtwig has some of the greatest customers I've come across and we love you all.Over the last two months our infrastructure has undergone some major changes. We were hit by some isolated fraud instances and so we once again had to improve our fraud detection. Unfortunately during this period several customers have experienced issues when buying their vouchers. Some got caught in our fraud filters and some experienced long waiting times. We really...

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How to get Angry Birds and other Games in South Africa

April 09, 2013

After getting yourself an iPhone or iPad you might be disappointed to discover that Angry Birds, Games, and other cool apps you've heard about aren't available when you go to the iTunes store. This is because you are viewing the South African iTunes store. Games, TV shows, and the latest movies aren't available on the South African iTunes store due to certain regulations and licences. There's a workaround though... Get yourself a US iTunes account. You can create a US iTunes account from South Africa by following our simple instructions here. You then pay for your purchases by buying iTunes Gift Cards (vouchers) and loading the credit to your US iTunes account by redeeming them.

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Creating US iTunes accounts on different platforms

March 20, 2013

One benefit we get by doing what we do at Wildtwig is a depth of knowledge about the iTunes and Apple ecosystem that not many have. Kelvin has been intimately involved with the US App Store from the very beginning of Wildtwig and through various support queries and changes by Apple, we've come to really know how the iTunes store works for the consumer. It's quite strange how little of the knowledge that we've picked up is common. We recently upgraded our support section so that it was accurate for the current versions of iTunes and iOS and matched our new site design. As part of this process, we wrote articles on how to create a US  iTunes Account on Mac/PC as well as...

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The Subtleties of User Experience

March 14, 2013

As I'm sure most of you know, Wildtwig is protected by an OTP (One Time Password/PIN) authorisation system. To be able to buy iTunes vouchers from us you need to provide us with a South African cellphone number and we send you an OTP. If you've purchased from us before, either by successfully following the OTP process or by being a long time customer of ours from before the OTP days, you can also complete the OTP process via email. We adopted this mechanism so that we don't require any of our customers to create an account. Account creation was a tedious process for all involved because we had to manually approve the account which often took time, thereby delaying the ability to purchase...

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